Light, Versatile,

XL Extralight

Max protection for Mission

Max protection. The new SENTRY Fender for Mission.

XL EXTRALIGHT® shapes the first boat bumper that allows maximum protection for the boat. SENTRY Fender is an innovative boat bumper solution that quickly attaches to boat cleats and docks. Unlike traditional fenders, they offer protection both above and below the rub rail. Lightness, but extremely durable SENTRY Fender does not absorb water and it is resistant to UV rays. It also does not contain harmful chemicals respecting the environment. Once again, XL EXTRALIGHT® has proved itself to be the ideal partner for creating practical, original design objects.

XL Extralarge


XL EXTRALIGHT® is the result of the most advanced technological research, in-depth studies on innovative materials and bold intuition.Light, strong and flexible, it is used today in the production of articles for footwear, for the automotive sector, interior design, the hydro massage industry, marine accessories and for other technical products.

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