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XL Extralight

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XL EXTRALIGHT® is an extraordinary super light Material and a registered trademark proprietary of Finproject

XL EXTRALIGHT® is the outcome of an exclusive production process beginning with the formulation of the material and needing with the injection moulding of the products. The defining feature of XL EXTRALIGHT® is its combination of low density and optimum physical and mechanical properties with a distinctive soft touch handfeel. This innovative versatile foam stand out for its lightweight, comfort, shock-absorption, as well as being tear and bacteria resistant.

XL Extralarge
XL Extralarge
XL Extralarge
XL Extralarge
XL Extralarge


XL EXTRALIGHT® is the result of the most advanced technological research, in-depth studies on innovative materials and bold intuition.Light, strong and flexible, it is used today in the production of articles for footwear, for the automotive sector, interior design, the hydro massage industry, marine accessories and for other technical products.

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