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XL Extralight

Kookaburra III and XL EXTRALIGHT® in the Barcolana Classic 51, the largest sailing race in the world

XL EXTRALIGHT® is always close to sport and its healthier values. For XL EXTRALIGHT®, sailing represents the opportunity to link the values of lightness, versatility, dynamism and reliability to the world of sport, authentic and that makes the difference if based on respect for the rules, commitment, sacrifice and healthy competition without losing sight of but the lightness of knowing how to sail positively. Last year Kookaburra III, together with the lightness of XL EXTRALIGHT®, reached the finish line first in the Barcolana Classic. 

Also this year, XL EXTRALIGHT® will have the pleasure of getting back on board to get a new goal. Barcolana Classic: al via anche il 12 metri S.I. “Kookaburra III” “Barcolana Classic: gli Azzurri della Coppa America su Kookaburra” “ALLA BARCOLANA CLASSIC GLI “AZZURRI” DELLA COPPA AMERICA DI NUOVO INSIEME SU KOOKABURRA III” “Trieste, alla Barcolana gli azzuri della Coppa America su Kookaburra III” “Tripletta di Kookaburra III alla Barcolana Classic” “Tripletta di Kookaburra III alla Barcolana Classic 2019”

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XL Extralarge
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XL EXTRALIGHT® is the result of the most advanced technological research, in-depth studies on innovative materials and bold intuition.Light, strong and flexible, it is used today in the production of articles for footwear, for the automotive sector, interior design, the hydro massage industry, marine accessories and for other technical products.

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