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Finproject, a beacon of Italian manufacturing and benchmark producer of state-of-the-art plastics, presents the restyling of its flagship brand XL EXTRALIGHT®, in partnership with Landor Associates, a renowned, worldwide company specialising in branding.
Milan, 10 September 2014 - XL EXTRALIGHT®, the superlight material by definition, has equipped itself with a more original and memorable identity to bring even more energy to its pursuit of business in new markets and new industries.
Conceived as a top-quality expanded material for the footwear industry, in which it rapidly became a leading player, XL EXTRALIGHT® offers scope to enhance the value of products and components in new and surprising ways, thanks to its outstanding strength, light weight and versatility, and its manufacturer's capacity to support its customers from conception to implementation. The renown and reputation of the XL EXTRALIGHT® brand, which will be additionally enhanced in the near future, add further value to a material which is already striking in its own right.
As part of this strategic transition from simple material to “Ingredient Brand”, Finproject commissioned Landor Associates to define an appropriate brand positioning and new identity capable of reaping maximum value from the outstanding properties of XL EXTRALIGHT®.
The benefits of XL EXTRALIGHT® are now summed up by the brand idea “Plastic Fantastic”: by combining the product's legendary light weight with colour, tactility and softness, XL EXTRALIGHT® has the power to add value to any object and turn it into something new and unexpected. By making hundreds of everyday objects and components more practical and more distinctive, XL EXTRALIGHT® lightens life up too. The positioning study was followed by the development of a new brand capable of overcoming certain obstacles impeding the recognisability and legal protection of the brand, while retaining a sense of continuity with the past.
“We had to overcome various challenges posed by the old brand: the ambiguities engrained in the descriptive name, the difficulty of ensuring legal protection, particularly on Asian markets, and heavy graphics that conflicted with the product's key benefit, its lightness. Once we had consolidated the positioning of the brand, with additional input from our international network, we moved onto the creative phase and came up with a solution designed to convey to best effect both the lightness of the material, and its strength, substance and resilience. The result is a light, dynamic brand with sufficient visual impact to stand out and reinvent the traditional paradigms of this sector. The other elements of the graphic language, such as the colour palette, help convey the versatility and sense of transformation inherent in the brand,” explained Michele Genghi, Design Director of Landor Associates.
Finproject is a leading international player in the manufacture of special compounds and the manufacture and commercialisation of soles and other products made of expanded materials for the leading footwear brands and for other sectors of industry (automotive, spa industry, furnishing, interior design, fashion, safety, etc). Established in 1965, Finproject is globally recognised as the ideal partner for all expanded applications because it was the first company to believe in this latest-generation material (XL EXTRALIGHT®) and to invest in it with a view to achieving the exceptional results it has achieved today. Research & Development, sustainability, exploration of new applications, quality, trademarks and patents, and growing platforms: these are the strengths of the Finproject group, which is now using new operational and production units (Italy/Abroad). The first company in its sector to obtain UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in Europe, Finproject, through its compounds division specialising in the production of PVC and expanded polyolefins, subscribed to the Responsible Care programme and the G Compound label for PVC, in support of its commitment to environmental sustainability.
Landor Associates is the world's largest, most authoritative and best known company in the field of branding. Over the years, Landor has helped create, develop and revitalise brands more than any other organisation in the world. You would be hard put to walk down any city street or go into any supermarket without coming across numerous cases handled by Landor. The company is made up of a global, multidisciplinary community of over 750 professionals, who share the same approach, the same methodology and the same vast stock of know-how and experience built in over 70 years of history, across 26 offices located in 20 countries.

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XL EXTRALIGHT® is the result of the most advanced technological research, in-depth studies on innovative materials and bold intuition.Light, strong and flexible, it is used today in the production of articles for footwear, for the automotive sector, interior design, the hydro massage industry, marine accessories and for other technical products.

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