XL EXTRALIGHT® entrusts art direction of experimental footwear division to RAL7000STUDIO

XL EXTRALIGHT®, Finproject’s leading technology, is pleased to announce on the occasion of Lineapelle, the new art direction of the company’s experimental footwear division, entrusted to RAL7000STUDIO.

RAL7000STUDIO is an open-minded creative space focused on creating ideas and transforming them into innovative products and platforms. Mainly focused on footwear design and innovation, the studio is a community of talented designers based out of Italy, who act as experts in the fields of expertise, including brand consulting, freelance design, intermediaries, and collaborators. The studio was founded by Marco Simonetti, Michael Coutini and Mattias Golin, and has now grown to a team of six.


A collective is exactly what you’d expect from a group of ultra-creative people with varying strengths and interests. Each member has its own ideas, context and aesthetics.

RAL7000STUDIO is currently developing a brand-new division called RAL7000ITEMS, to give our community the opportunity to easily access to few of our products that will be globally distributed.


The collaboration with RAL7000STUDIO was the natural evolution of the relationship started years ago with one of the founders of this extraordinary creative platform, Marco Simonetti. We believe that all the guys at RAL7000STUDIO, Marco, Mattias, Michael the founding partners, and Agata, Paolo and Francesco, their collaborators, have the right sensitivity in interpreting our XL EXTRALIGHT® ingredient, enhancing its original and versatile personality and that together we will develop unique and frontier projects” Nicola Vecchiola – Moulding BU Director of Finproject.


“Being in the footwear business for 15 years, as a designer I really believe in creating a link between the past and the future. I see myself in between the traditional footwear making process and the latest futuristic technologies applied to the footwear industry. I got introduced to XL EXTRALIGHT by Clarks back in the days, and the relationship with Nicola Vecchiola and Finproject family grew up over the years. I’m proud to further extend this collaboration and I really look forward to joining forces with FINPROJECT family to develop brand new concepts together.” Marco Simonetti co founder RAL 7000STUDIO


“I try to apply a transversal approach to the design process, trying to use new software that combined with new technologies, lead each project to be increasingly studied and advanced from both a technical and design point of view. I believe having the opportunity to work closely with XL EXTRALIGHT will allow us to make a key step towardsthe future.” Michael Cutini co founder RAL 7000STUDIO


“Honestly I don’t think I can identify myself in a type of aesthetics defined as “main style”.

I have an attitude in clothing that changes from day to day and mainly reflects how I feel.

I really like to combine different styles trying to harmonize them.

It’s a way of doing things that I’ve become aware of in recent years.

I really believe that we should all express ourselves by following our inner “self”.

Sustainabilty is a key point to me, and I really look forward to pushing XL EXTRALIGHT boundaries within this area.” Mattias Gollin co founder RAL 7000STUDIO

Thanks to the innovative creative platform of RAL7000STUDIO, several workshops will be organized during the year aimed at the creation of new product drops that will be launched on the market in 2022.


XL EXTRALIGHT® and RAL7000STUDIO already have important successful international collaborations to their credit, presented in 2021: the one with ADIDAS ORIGINALS for the MUTANT ZX project, the one with the Los Angeles brand FEAR OF GOD for the creation of the Slip on California and the XIrcular concept shoe.


Lineapelle will also be the first opportunity for the public to see live, inside the new stand designed by Compasso D’Oro and Art Director of the XL EXTRALIGHT® brand, Matteo Ragni, the MUTANT ZX launched online last year, which will be produced in only 40 units worldwide.