The shape of a new future.

Camper Roku header

More than just a line of shoes, ROKU is a revolutionary concept that breaks the mold and redefines what a show can be.

At the core of these groundbreaking footwear lies the exclusive XL EXTRALIGHT® SUSTAINABLE+ blend, made with 51% pre-consumer recovered scraps and by-products coming from the manufacturing process, reducing landfill waste.

Roku, derived from the Japanese word for “six”, is a one-of-a-kind collection features a modular, ergonomic design inspired by the organic shapes and functionality of traditional Japanese objects.

This innovative shoe takes customization to a whole new level, transforming wearers into co-creators, active participants in the fashion narrative. Six interchangeable components come together to create a shoe that’s only stylish but also perfectly tailored to your needs. Roku offers an unparalleled comfort thanks to the ultralight sole, the cushioned footbed and the knitted upper that supports the foot with every step, for maximum comfort all day long. In addition the 3D sock envelops the foot like a second skin, providing support and snug fit.

Roku is a statement of intent that perfectly combines style, comfort and sustainability.