Paradox Garden at Alcova 2022

XL EXTRALIGHT®, Finproject’s leading technology, is pleased to announce on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2022, a special installation in partnership with Parasite 2.0.

At the upcoming Milan Design Week, XL EXTRALIGHT® is pleased to unveil the material which, by definition, is ultra-light thanks to a revolutionary patented Finproject technology, at Alcova 2022 Paradox Garden, a site-specific installation project conceived and curated by Parasite 2.0.


“For this year’s Fuorisalone we had in mind the creation of something that could communicate the cornerstones of our ingredient brand in a way that is unexpected and different from the usual. This is why we turned to Parasite 2.0, whose experimental approach has enabled them to interpret our character and make it tangible, through intriguing machines that float in balance, above elements made of XL EXTRALIGHT®. We hope that these balances and paradoxes stimulate your unconscious as they did for us at XL EXTRALIGHT®!” Carlo Vecchiola, Foam Design Product & Brand Manager


For Parasite – Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino and Luca Marullo, – systematic experimenters in the fields of architecture, in design and stage design between London and Milan, the objective is not the creation of an object or any finished product – or at least not only that, and certainly not only that in the case of this work. The six paradoxical machines, staged in the Alcova garden for Milan Design Week 2022, speak directly to visitors without the need for mediation or captions. The activation of this large installation is in the eye of the beholder, with no need for captions: in PARADOX GARDEN, the six polymateric giants detach themselves from the earth in an extreme balancing act, challenging the observers.


“With XL EXTRALIGHT, their technology and materials, we were able to give physical form to some of the research themes we have been investigating in recent years, one of which is the dissolution of the artificial-natural boundary. The Paradox Garden, designed for the forthcoming MDW in Alcova, is the result of an intense and constant exchange with the company, through which we have tried to “stress” some of the innovative aspects of XL EXTRALIGHT’s materials curated by Parasite 2.0


The unconscious works: Jacques Lacan, French psychiatrist and philosopher, said this at the beginning of the 1970s. The unconscious simply works, without calculating, rationalising or making judgements. The information that derives from this process is difficult to define and describe, yet the awareness achieved though it can take root to the point of irrevocably influencing the human being. I thought of something along these lines when the Parasite 2.0 design collective told me for the first time about the project they were working on with XL EXTRALIGHT®, a material that is exceptionally lightweight thanks to a revolutionary patented technology. Their intervention, strengthened by a peculiar, empathic and intuitive language, was complementary to the data explored in the scientific laboratories where the innovation and sustainability (over 51% of some special formulas are recycled, or in some cases obtained from 30% bio-resins) along with the physical-mechanical properties of XL EXTRALIGHT® are developed. Annalisa Rosso, Design Curator.